Project Spotlight: Arundel Mills West Side Parking Lot

Perforated Pipe System Perforated Retention System underground detention systemBy: Lane Enterprises

Located in Arundel Mills, Maryland – a hotel/casino needed a replacement for their existing stormwater management basin.

The new underground detention system was designed as a dual system comprised of a 120″ perforated system placed above a 24″ perforated system.  The system bypass was accommodated with a 120″ solid run of pipe in the center of the system.  Boasting an impressive 582.25′ length and 101′ width – this new underground system contains over 4,100 LF of 120″ diameter pipe and nearly 11,250 LF of 24″ diameter pipe.

In addition to the thousands of linear feet of pipe – this project contained many connections, bands, and risers for access.  During construction, the team had to install a set of solid internal baffles to ensure the system could go online after construction.  Once the system was brought online the baffles could be cut out and brought out through the manholes.