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Project Spotlight: E6 Arnkvern- Moelv

By: ViaCon AS (Norway)

structural plate buried bridge

This massive project was pre-assembled by ViaCon Norway in May of 2019, to ensure it would be ready to be installed over an existing railroad in Brummundal, Norway (2 hours north of OSL airport). The journey to Brummundal took over 96 hours by train during a weekend in June.  The trip took the massive buried bridge structure over active signal lines, active powerlines and finally under the future site of a 4 lane motorway to the final assembly location.

The 4 sections were installed together with the bevel ends and the assembly was completed in less than 3 days. The two crews from Norway and Poland worked great together and received excellent feedback from all parties involved in this project.  Video of this project can be found here.structural plate buried bridge