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Project Spotlight: Paws Up Resort

By: TrueNorth Steel

Paws Up is a resort created for the rich and famous located in the Blackfoot Valley north of Missoula, MT 37,000 acres of beautiful lakes and forested areas and wildlife. The most popular wildlife with visitors are the buffalo and for anyone not familiar with these animals, they can be deceivingly dangerous if you get too close. The owners of Paws Up had to create a way for Paws Up Resort Large Corrugated Steel PipePaws Up Resort Large Corrugated Steel Pipevisitors to get up close and personal with the buffalo and they reached out to TrueNorth Steel’s Missoula office to brainstorm some ways to use large corrugated steel pipe. Working with the engineer for Paws Up, a large, stepped corrugated pipe tunnel was developed. Visitors would enter the tunnel which would take them under the buffalo grazing area to a protected viewing area. TrueNorth Steel’s Billings plant fabricated the pipe and the complex elbows required for the tunnel.

The pipe was delivered in Oct. of 2019 and the Buffalo viewing area is due to be completed in the spring of 2020. If you sign up today you can stay at the resort this spring or summer, view the buffalo, be there for the Opus One wine festival and maybe see some movie stars!

Paws Up Resort Large Corrugated Steel Pipe