Project Spotlight: The Extension of Lwowska Street

By: ViaCon Polska

The aim of this project was to extend the Lwowska Street in Tarnów.  This historic street connects the city center and the largest hospital in Tarnów – St. Luke Regional Hospital. The old reinforced concrete culvert under the street was deemed unusable and was scheduled to be demolished and replaced by a new structure.

Corrugated steel was chosen due to the quick installation time.  Because of this quick turn around time, the duration of temporary traffic management to was brought down to an absolute minimum.  This was a significant advantage when taking into consideration the heavy traffic load on this street. One of the biggest challenges to overcome during the assembly was the proximity of an electricity line hanging directly over the construction site.  Nevertheless, the ViaCon assembly crew did very well and all went very smoothly. The project implementation was completed at the end of 2021.