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Project Spotlight: Millard Quarry Tunnel

By: Lane Enterprises

structural plate pipe buried plate pipe structural plate Industry uses of corrugated steel structural plate goes virtually unnoticed by the public and engineering community alike as it does not involve transportation facilities. However, structural plate is integral to the operations of quarrying and mining industries, and Pennsy Supply’s Millard Quarry Tunnel in Anneville, PA provides an excellent illustration of the varied uses of this engineering material.

structural plate pipe buried plate pipe structural plate

Pennsy Supply is the leading manufacturer of aggregate, sand, asphalt and concrete throughout the North and Central Regions of Pennsylvania, serving the region for more than 90 years. Their recently constructed Millard Quarry Tunnel is a 259-ft long, 10-ft diameter structural plate pipe buried beneath a 50-ft tall limestone stockpile with a designed storage of roughly 5100 tons.

The structural plate pipe is used for its ease of construction, its strength, and its ability to host a conveyor system in which aggregate is metered into the tunnel through a series of hopper openings before being conveyed to another part of the process.

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