Project Spotlight: Bridge over the Chudowski Stream

By: ViaCon Polska


structural plate bridge reinforced concrete box

This beautiful area is located over the Chudowski Stream along National Road No. 44 near the town of Pyszowice, in Silesian province, Poland.  The structural plate bridge was built as a part of the repair program encompassing structures damaged due to the negative impact of hard coal mines on the topography.  This structure was designed by GF MOSTY design company, which has considerable experience in working on mining damage projects.

The previous reinforced concrete box structure was destroyed due to the mining damage that occurred over the years. To ensure the safety of road traffic along National Road No. 44 over the Chudowski Stream, the team decided to replace the entire box structure with a deep corrugated structural bridge.  During the demolition of the old reinforced concrete structure, a temporary bridge with alternating traffic was built.

structural plate bridge reinforced concrete box

An important factor in choosing the steel plate technology was the very short time of construction, which allowed for smooth traffic flow.  The construction time was an incredibly important aspect considering the heavy traffic on national roads in the Silesian agglomeration. Using the steel plates the project completion date was shortened by a full 6 months!  Once completed, the bridge was highly praised for its quality.

structural plate bridge reinforced concrete box

Pictures taken by Artur Wojciechowski (ViaCon Polska).

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