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Project Spotlight: FEMA Culvert Replacement

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By: Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company

When a utility road connecting Jackson Meadows with the Bowman Reservoirs was washed out in 2017, the Nevada Irrigation District contacted Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company. While the district recognized the arched galvanized pipeneed to replace this washed out road, the completion of this work would be delayed until the heavy snowpack from the season melted. In the meantime, a 40-foot triple barrel solution was created utilizing 128″ x 83″ arched galvanized pipe manufactured with a 3 X 1 corrugation pattern.arched galvanized pipe triple barrel

It took until the summer of 2019 for this snowpack to melt which finally gave access to this road. The heavy runoff of the snowmelt only exacerbated an already thought-provoking problem. Also, the fact that these utility roads were in remote and mountainous areas only further added to the challenges. The solution to the logistical challenges due to the projects remote area was to use smaller trucks and trailers to navigate the smaller roads to deliver the needed pipe. It took 6 small hotshot trailers to deliver all the needed product to ultimately complete the project.

arched galvanized pipe corrugated metal arched pipe solutionWhile the delivery of material took a little longer due to the requirement of using smaller trucks, once the pipe was delivered it was quickly installed. In fact, the simplistic design along with the ease of installation and historical success of this corrugated metal arched pipe solution, gave the district so much confidence in installing that no formal project plans were created. So, with the cost minimized due to installation and materials, the arched pipe solution was installed quickly, and the service road was open within days of delivery.

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